Sofa Upholstery Services In Bangalore

We are the Sofa Repair Specialist, We provide All type of Sofa Repair Services In All Over Bangalore.

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    StanzaSofa - Sofa Upholstery

    Get your Sofa Repaired, Sofa Upholstery, and Polishing with our Sofa repair Specialist in Bangalore. We Repair Sofa at your Home or Deliver it to our factory and get it repaired in a week.

    sofa repair services
    Sofa Upholstery

    StanzaSofa experts are Specialized in everything that any type of old sofa needs.

    It is embarrassing when a guest comes to your house or office and find himself/herself uncomfortable in your old sofa.

    you’ll be annoyed, and therefore the guest will feel unscrupulous, and unfortunately, you’ll feel like throwing out the sofa into the waste, but that’s not the best option.

    Just contact to StanzaSofa and the rest is our problem ahead.
    Our active team will do all the necessary courses of action.

    Stanza-Sofa Repair
    Sofa Repair

    Looking for Sofa Repair Services, Your Searches Ends Here. StanzaSofa is here to help you, Get your Old Sofa Repaired Now.

    Sofa Cleaning

    We, StanzaSofa care about your Valuable sofa, So we take care of your fabric and perform deep cleaning with complete care.

    Sofa Polishing

    Your new Sofa gets dirt and looks old over a period of time. StanzaSofa Clean your Old Sofa and polish it like New.

    Sofa upholstery
    Sofa Upholstery

    Sofa Fabrics loses its shine over a period of time, or Sometimes it gets torn by pets or kids. We Can Repair your Sofa and do Sofa Upholstery Services at an Affordable Cost.

    House Deep Cleaning

    Cleaning your big house alone is a really tough task. No worries we (StanzaSofa) are here to help you

    Sofa Cushion

    Get a new cushion of Different Sizes, fabrics, and Designs at StanzaSofa

    Why Choose Us


    Our Service Providers are the best in the market, each having an experience of around 10+ years in sofa repairing domain and hence their quality is far better than local technicians.

    We focus on Customer Satisfaction and ensure a guaranteed satisfaction on your job.

    We also offer 7 days warranty on the work done in case of any dissatisfying work.

    We would do the rework free of cost should a Complain raised within 7 days of the work done by us.


    Repair your Sofa at your home. Doorstep service available.

    24x7 Support

    When Sofa is repaired in workshop, you get regular updates.

    Cost Saving

    Repair your old sofa at a very affordable cost (Genuine Price).

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